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    Our goal this year with MonoTouch is to make sure that we deliver the best developer platform possible. Our focus is to make sure that the tools, the language and the APIs that developers require are delightful to use.

    These are the themes in our work:

    • Improve the MonoTouch developer experience
    • Support new iPhoneOS APIs
    • Create more cross platform APIs
    • Improve our IDE and tools


    Deliver updates to fix the most critical problems and limitations that have been reported by MonoTouch users. Since this will be releases mostly aimed at fixing specific bugs or problems, not everyone will need to update to these versions. If you or your users are not experiencing any problems, you wont need to install these updates.

    Short Term

    Some of the technology that was developed for Xamarin’s XTouch and Xdroid products will be folded into MonoTouch and Mono for Android, and we will deliver these changes initially on our beta channel, and we will graduate those to the stable channel over time.

    For MonoTouch, this will include the following improvements:

    • New MonoDevelop Release:
      • Adds integration XCode 4’s Interface Designer
      • Adds new iPhone property list editors
      • Unified MonoDevelop, Mono and MonoTouch updater
    • Smaller and faster:
      • Smaller runtime, which we achieved by further trimming Mono dependencies down
      • Smarter linker, which produces even smaller executables
      • Improved startup time using a number of new techniques
      • Faster bridges between C# and Objective-C, closing further the performance gap
      • Zero-copy string marshalling in the runtime
    • Better debugging support and diagnostics
      • Dealing with disposed Objective-C instances that are accidentally reused.
      • Exceptions in callbacks that were previously silently ignored
    • Enable IsolatedStorage API
      • For easier code sharing

    Medium Term

    iOS 5 support:

    • New iOS5 APIs
    • MonoDevelop support for new UI features in iOS5
    • New samples


    • OpenTK API update to 1.0
    • .NET 4 Covariance/Contravariance support 


    • New project templates
    • Parametrized templates
    • MonoMac-powered Documentation browser, replacing our current doc browser.

    Long Term

    • Asynchronous programming with C# 5 on iOS 5

      We will be extending the MonoTouch APIs to be asynchronous-friendly and allow them to be easily consumed with C# 5's new asynchronous.
    • Bring Mono's new generational GC to the iPhone
    • Add support for Mono's new Profiler:
      • CPU usage
      • Memory allocation
      • Heap shot
      • Lock contention
    • C++ interoperability:
      • Integrate Mono's CPPINTEROP engine to easily bind C++ APIs
    • Cross-platform mobile APIs to make it easier to share code across MonoTouch, Mono for Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms.
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